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Sign up

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Deposit funds

We partnered with two online marketplaces to accept various payment methods like PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Google Pay, Apple Pay, SOFORT and many more.

Step 3

Unbox hyped products

Select and open our 50+ hand-crafted mystery boxes. These boxes exclusively contain authentic products which gives you the opportunity to acquire rare pieces for just a fraction of their price. The rewards include products from top brands like:

Win Nike productsWin Adidas productsWin Supreme productsWin YeezysWin Off-White productsWin Louis Vitton productsWin Balenciaga products
All product and company names, images and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. The use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

100% Authentic and Provably Fair

All draws are 100% fair and protected by our industry-leading provably fair technology.
Step 4

Not happy? Let's exchange.

While our boxes are packed with tons of cool stuff, but the personal preferences vary. If you don't like the product you have drawn, you can always exchange it and open other mystery boxes instead.

Due to legal and regulatory restrictions, we are not allowed to refund balances that have already been used to open boxes or have been gained through product resells. You can always ask for a refund as long as it has not been used for anything. To avoid fees or issues, please contact us to arrange a payback.

Step 5

Ship your products

You can comfortably have your unboxed products delivered to your doorstep. We ship globally and attempt to keep shipping costs to a minimum. Depending on your location, customers receive their products within 7 days to 2 weeks (we are working on this).

Referral Program for You

Earn 20% commission for each of your friend's deposits

Just invite friends or followers with your referral link, and you'll instantly receive your commission.

No. of boxes your referrals open
Type of boxes your friends open
  • Balenciaga Budget box4.99$
  • Supreme Accessories box34.99$
  • Off White Easy box65.99$
  • Dior box199.99$

You earn$24.95

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All mystery box draws are 100% fair thanks to our industry-leading "Provably Fair" technology. We have no way of manipulating the outcome in any way and we provide full transparency.

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