Yeezy Budget Mystery Box

Yeezy Budget Box

AU $13.33

AU $6.66

Want a Yeezy Box but your boss hasn’t paid you yet? No problem, we got you! This Mystery Box offers hyped Yeezy apparel at an incomparably low price. Next thing you know you’ll be showing off your new Yeezy shoes to all your flabbergasted friends.

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Drops in Yeezy Budget Box (22)

Unbox to ship or exchange one of the products:

*NO BRANDThis item is no official product of a particular brand and has therefore limited resell value.

Unbox with a few clicks

This mystery box is exclusively available in a digital format. You will receive one of the following products the moment you click the unbox button. After unboxing, you can either have your item sent to your home or exchange it for its value. You can try it out and open this box for AU $6.66.

100% Authentic

Once you submit a shipping request, we purchase your productsfrom StockX or official vendorsand send them directly to you.

100% Provably Fair

When opening a box, you can choose a seed to ensure randomness. All unboxings arecryptographically secured and verifiable at any time.

EarnAU $9.34 for each referred friend

and yourfriend gets AU $5.34free as well.

*only applicable once your friend deposits AU $33.36 or more.

Just invite friends or followers with your referral link, and you'll instantly receive a AU $9.34 commission once they deposit AU $33.36.

Estimated referred users:

You earnAU $233.49

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Once you submit a shipping request, we purchase your products directly from vendors like StockX,, Grailed or local merchants near you to improve delivery times. Since those partners are officially working with the brands, the authenticity is guaranteed.

Some of our products are labelled with "NO BRAND". This means, they are not part of any well known brand and are typically shipped from China.
After you unboxed an item, you can go to your inventory and select to ship one or multiple products. The shipping fees vary and might be up to AU $37.36 depending on your location and the product. We try to keep the shipping fees to a minimum. Once you submitted a request, we start to process your order and ship it to you. Usually, you'll get your product within one week.
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All mystery box draws are 100% fair thanks to our industry-leading "Provably Fair" technology. We have no way of manipulating the outcome in any way and we provide full transparency.

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