Why Is The Nike Blazer Never Going Out of Fashion?

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Why Is The Nike Blazer Never Going Out of Fashion?

Are you curious about the trends set by Nike blazers? Or are you a collector interested in hounding a few of the rare pieces? Perhaps you’re here just wanting to know what the entire hub-hub is all about?

If the answer to any of those questions is a ‘yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Air Jordan 1

Detailed in this blog is a list of reasons why Nike blazers have taken the world by storm! There is another welcome addition near the end, which collectors will absolutely love!

Nike is a well-known successful company. Hence, it is no surprise that their products are widely coveted. Their products are considered a luxury, and any sports enthusiast is sure to have them.

The main topic at hand, though, is blazers, specifically Nike blazers. Did you know that the first Nike blazer was released back in 1973? It has been nearly 50 years now, and the blazers are still in the hype!

Why is that so? Simple!

It is the supreme quality, utter elegance, and dominating brand of Nike that plays a massive role in the popularity of these blazers. The main drive behind the Nike brand is luxury with versatility, of which their blazers are a perfect example.

Reasons Why Nike Blazers Are the Best

The boisterous brand of Nike and its exceptional marketing methods are some of the powers behind these trendy shoes. Along with this comes the features of these blazers, which is one the main reasons they will never go out of fashion:

Comfort is Priority

Each Nike blazer is made with high-quality materials intended to provide the best comfort for all sizes of feet. With a cushiony fit that encases your feet, you are surely never to get any blisters!

Air Jordan 1 Bred

Nike loves mixing up sophistication with standard, resulting in stylish and comfy products, which are a perfect match! A pro tip is to buy a shoe half a size bigger than your shoe size for a longer life span and a more comfortable fit.

Flexible Style

Nike blazers are the bomb! They work with anything! Denim, leggings, flared-out pants, casual sundresses, anything that works well with a pair of chic Nike blazers.

They are not only an excellent fit for your workout outfit but can double as a trendy pair of everyday wear shoes for any type of clothes. Additionally, blazers also come in high-top versions to fit a broader range of styles.

The Fit is To Die For

You can never deny the fit of a Nike blazer. The smooth, supple texture that cushions your feet all nice and snug is perfection. Nike shoes come in all sizes, and you are sure to find yours in the wide range.

The low laces on the blazers also allow you to control the tightness of the shoe. Do you prefer a loose lacing job? No problem at all! Do you want a tight, cozy fit? Once again, all yours to adjust!

Myriads of Colors to Choose From

With the high demand for Nike blazers, it is no surprise that they come in all colors and designs! Any color under the sun, you are sure to find a Nike blazer in that shade! Plus, their contrast color shoes are absolutely fantastic to see!

This versatile color scheme allows you to choose your very favorite hue! The special edition Nike blazers are also wonderfully crafted, with the colors matching the theme at hand.

Nike Itself!

Nike is no small company! It is a long-running one that has been delivering the best sports shoes for decades!

It is no surprise that any sports enthusiast is sure to have a Nike product in their collection. With the long-serving time, Nike has proved time and again that all its products are of the best quality!

Top Nike Blazer Picks That Are a Rarity to Come Across

You’re finally at the much-awaited section of this article! Collectors, get ready, for you will be thrilled to see what awaits you!

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Some of the most sought-after blazers include the following:

Nike Blazer Mid Off-White Grim Reaper

Despite its long name, Nike Blazer Mid Off-White Grim Reaper is one that many collectors will recognize right off the bat! Released as a special edition during 2018 on the spooky holiday of Halloween, this Nike blazer is extremely desired.

Nike x Sacai Snow Beach

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Nike Blazer Mid Sacai Snow Beach

The Nike Blazer Mid Sacai Snow Beach is labeled as rare in the market. This was conceived when Nike decided to collaborate with the Japanese brand ‘Sacai’ to create this gorgeous masterpiece.

Nike x Off White Blazer Black

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Do keep in mind that there is a high chance that you’ll end up with a pair of Nike socks but if you’re feeling lucky, take a shot! Nike blazers will never go out of style, so you can try again anytime!