Off White Sneakers - Ways to Pull Them Off

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Off White Sneakers - Ways to Pull Them Off

White and off-white sneakers have snuck their way into every wardrobe all around the world.

From rich people to not-so-rich ones and from men to women, you can see a pair of sneakers in their closets. Interestingly, nine times out of ten, these sneakers are white or off-white.

What is the allure of white sneakers? What calls people to buy and hoard off-white shoes? And more importantly, how do people manage to pull them off so fashionably?

If you want answers to these questions, as well as a few easy ways to wear off-white sneakers with style, you’ve come to the right article!

The Allure of White Sneakers

You might have a pair of white sneakers tucked away in your shoe cabinet, right? And we are betting the reason you bought them and wear them is something like the following:

  • They’re useful – you can wear them to a gym, street, or even a friendly get-together. In fact, they’re also well-known to have been worn by a few famous brides on their wedding days!

    White Sneaker

  • They’re versatile – they go with basically anything in your wardrobe, even if you’re not up to throwing together an outfit that is the epitome of fashion.

  • Low-cut sneakers give off a sophisticated vibe that’s totally trendy at the moment.

  • Off-white as a color is more muted than pure white, and therefore, does not blind the eye. It serves as a perfect complement that doesn’t distract from your actual outfit, etc.

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In short, off-white sneakers are a classic! And everyone knows classics are coming back in fashion.

Ways to pull off Off-White Sneakers

Great! It’s confirmed; white sneakers are totally ‘in’. Still, the fact that you can wear them with anything doesn’t mean that you end up doing so.

This is where style comes in. Once you know how to pull off classic sneakers with a preppy, trendy look, you’ll know how to pull them off with anything!

So here are a few versatile ideas to get you started on that path (and you can always customize for your personal touch!)

Some General Ideas

  1. Color-coordinate your outfit and add a splash of white with your sneakers.

On Vacation
  1. Go all black, but make your sneakers white, presenting the perfect contrast.

  2. Make everything white, with off-white clothes and off-white shoes – it’s the perfect off-white explosion!

A Few Clothing-Specific Ideas

  1. Classic jeans are the easiest way to pull on a pair of white sneakers and rock them the whole day. Still, jeans do come in various colors, but the best ones are classic blue and black.

Pair white shoes with black jeans and you’ve got yourself a brilliant look! Choose blue jeans and complement them with nice and safe white sneakers. What’s the harm?

  1. You can also wear sneakers with a dress. While this didn’t use to be so fashionable a few years back, it’s slowly coming into the trendy category. The sneakers offset the girly look and give you some independent vibes – which girl doesn’t want that?

  2. Skirts come in all sizes, and yet, all of them go with white sneakers. Again, if you choose to go with sneakers, you open up an entire avenue of possibilities, and your style becomes that much more changeable.

You can pair oversized shirts with miniskirts or form-fitting tops with long, flowy skirts and still be able to pull them off.

Guy with White Sneaker
  1. Shorts cannot be ignored when talking about sneakers. Not only do they set up a fashionable image, but they can also be easy to wear in the summers. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, sneakers with shorts are practically a classic.

  2. Formal wear is hard to pull off on the best of days. Thankfully, your job becomes easier with off-white sneakers. You can easily pair them with Suits and Dresses and still maintain the look of a professional.

  3. Oversized clothes look best with functional shoes, and sneakers are the best functional shoes there are.

Whether you’re wearing a loose cardigan or a long coat, if they’re artfully oversized, you can top them off with white sneakers and wait for the envious looks to be sent your way. Comfortable and beautiful – why waste the chance?

Best items to Buy

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Off-White sneakers are a blast! They’re versatile, useful, and you can use them to fashion yourself a trendy look with a bit of effort.

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If you’re interested in making that off-white wardrobe choice, head on over to DripDraw now. The products above are just the tip of the iceberg.