Off-White Hoodie: Trend analysis!

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Off-White Hoodie: A New Trend!

Virgil Abloh has made ‘off-white’ the fashion of the century, and no one can deny its influence on the rest of the world. There are crazy off-white trends catching fire everywhere, and it’s all collected into an explosion of style.

One of these ‘can’t-miss-it!’ trends revolves around the off-white hoodie fever.

The New Fashion: The ‘Off-White Hoodie’

As a relatively new trend, the off-white can sometimes confuse the people who wear it. After all, what evenisthe off-white hoodie fashion, and why is it so trendy?

Fortunately, we’ve got a few ideas on how to make this clear to you, and in the process, bring you into the world of the off-white fashion obsession.

Several Hoodies

The first thing to understand is that the off-white hoodie fashion is a streetwear choice. But only the best one, of course. With vibrancy, irony, and epic graphic illustrations, your streetwear just earned a fashion award.

Of course, while Virgil Abloh’s ‘off-white’ fashion brand is definitely chic, you’d need to first understand why it’s so enticing and alluring to the public, as well as to the celebrities who can’t help but promote his style by wearing it.

  1. The Youth Appeal

It’s hard to interest the newer generation in much of anything these days, let alone super complicated fashion choices. So no, the youth probably leave them for their parents to enjoy.

Off White Black Hoodie

Still, the Youth market is the biggest, and Abloh took advantage of this to make chic streetwear for young people’s comfort, making it appealing for a huge audience.

  1. The Aesthetic

Then comes the aesthetic, a second reason why the ‘off-white’ brand took off so hard and so fast.

This brand has vibrant colors, interesting and striking graphic illustrations, and many other designs that appeal to the market.

  1. Influence from the Super Influencer

Finally, we do have to consider that Virgil Abloh is, after all, a social media super influencer. He is the king of influencers, and that means what he says matters.

His fashion brand was obviously going to hit it off. After all, his followers want more of his style, and the ‘off-white’ brand is a way to get it.

Signature Products to Complement this Fashion Choice

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Orange Chrome Hearts x Off White Hoodie

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  1. The Nikelab X OFF-WHITE Mercurial NRG X Hoodie in Black

Nikelab’s off-white hoodie is one of those popular products that people are just dying to get. Unfortunately, as a 100% authentic and super rare item, getting it can be a bit of a pain.

Off White Mohair Hoodie

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  1. The Off-White Basquiat Graphic Hoodie in Black & White

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The Takeaway

Just like Abloh, his ‘off-white’ fashion sits at the intersection between design, fashion, and pop culture. Not only do you join that intersection by adopting the ‘off-white’ look, but you also start making your name in a world that clamors after a fashion.

Want to be stylish and loved for it? Join the ranks of the ‘off-white’ hoodie fashion statement today – order from Dripdraw, and you won’t regret it!