Is My Gucci Purse Real? Useful Steps to Check Authenticity

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Is My Gucci Purse Real? Useful Steps to Check Authenticity

Is your Gucci purse genuine? It's beautiful, chic and elegant, is it not? Does it have a clean finish and is of extremely high quality? Big ticks on that too? Well, you may just have an authentic purse, but how do you know for sure?

Gucci is no small brand. Every fashion enthusiast is crazy about it! The sleek designer Gucci purses are the trendiest and sought-after items by fashionistas! With high durability and a posh appearance that screams luxury, its popularity is no surprise.

Fake Gucci Bag

It is the way of the world that when a product is so popular, there are bound to be people hoping to earn cash through it. What do they do?

Sell counterfeits, that's what!

Now, selling knock-offs and replicas is allowed. It is understandable, too, since the original Gucci purses cost a great amount. Thus, a knock-off is an excellent substitute. But a counterfeit product is such that it is sold at the exact high price as the original!

Counterfeit products are mainly a collector's nightmare!

Think about it! You just realized that the Gucci purse you bought is fake! The utter devastation can be torturous, but you don't have to worry!

Outlined below is a detailed guide on how to check the authenticity of your Gucci purse. These simple steps can potentially save you from being scammed! So, keep these techniques in mind when examining a Gucci purse.

6 Simple Ways to Know if Your Gucci Purse is Real

Your worries have been solved! You will never be scammed with a counterfeit purse if you use these easy techniques when inspecting a potential Gucci purchase!

  1. Check the Serial Number

Every Gucci purse has a serial number, and thus, this can prove extremely vital in your inspection of the bag. Handbags of the same series will have similar serial numbers. Hence, you can easily spot out the difference if it's used on another purse.

The serial number is entirely made of 10 to 13 numbers and has no letters of the alphabet. Gucci's name is pressed on the reverse of the tag along with the country it was made in.

  1. Examine the Stitching

The stitching quality of a Gucci purse really matters! Gucci purses are known to have tight, seamless stitching that is evenly spaced. There won't be any crooked stitches or any threads poking out.

If you were to find a purse with low-quality stitching or even a single stitch out of place, it's hands down a counterfeit.

  1. Quality of the Handbag's Materials

Gucci purses are often made from either leather or canvas. Canvas is popularly used, and the best way to spot an authentic Gucci canvas purse is to peruse the logo. Even a slight imperfection in the symbol means the item is fake.

Fake Gucci Bag 2

As for leather Gucci purses, you can tell by the quality of the leather. The leather that Gucci uses is incredibly soft to touch and has an undeniable flexible quality.

If the Gucci purse you are inspecting has a rough texture or the bag itself is a little too hard, then it is a counterfeit.

  1. Papers and Dust Bags

Authentic Gucci purses always come with two different types of dust bags. The dust bag itself also has the Gucci logo to help spot counterfeits. Do not buy a Gucci bag if it is wrapped in plastic; it is 100% fake!

The 'Controllato Card' acts like a certificate of authenticity for any Gucci product. Every product is sold with this card, and if you are not getting one with your purchase, you may be getting scammed.

  1. Signature Hardware

Gucci has signature hardware that it uses on all its products. Gucci purses often have shiny, sleek clasps and smooth zippers. Moreover, all the hardware attached to a Gucci product is bulky in weight.

Even the tiny hardware is durable and has a weight. Checking these small things should be your priority when inspecting. If the hardware is light or is dented, then you have a counterfeit in your hand.

  1. Check QR Codes

A new and very much wanted addition to Gucci's purses is undoubtedly the QR code. All Gucci products are now manufactured with a QR code, and honestly speaking, it is a godsend!

You just need to scan the QR code on your phone to ensure that the purse is authentic. Do note that although this method is extremely reliable, Gucci did not start adding it until 2017.

Any purses older than that will have to be checked through the means above to ensure their authenticity.

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And that's all! Keep these simple steps in mind the next time you go out to buy a Gucci purse, and you are sure to walk out of the store with an authentic, chic item!

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Good luck in spotting any potential Gucci purse counterfeits in the market!