How to Style Nike Dunk in 2021?

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How to Style Nike Dunk in 2021?

Are you looking for the perfect sneaker to slay all your outfits? Do you want people to stop and stare at you in awe as they make an aisle for you to prance by?

You are looking for the perfect thing at the perfect time because the 1980s hero- Nike dunk- is back in the game with its 35th birthday. Only this time, it came like a tornado, making the entire fashion industry its own.

Chunky Dunky

With fashion icons and celebrities like Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh flaunting their dunks, it is fair to say that these sneakers are the trendiest ones across all borders. Irrespective of gender or type, the Nike dunks have taken the styling industry to a whole new level.

Formal attire or casual clothing, you will be surprised to know all the many ways you can style these versatile sneakers in 2021.

Before getting to the styling ideas, it is important to know the different types to find the best fit that suits your style. 

Styling is an art, and after these few basics, you will be able to adorn the canvas- you- with all your creativity.

Nike dunk low vs. Nike dunk high

Do you like your sneakers high or low? Whatever your choice is, you are covered both ways because Nike dunk comes in both styles! 

As the name suggests, the difference between the two is evident to the eye. The Nike dunk low are short-heightened sneakers. On the other hand, the Nike dunk high are known for being taller.

While the difference is easier to grasp, the change in styling can be a little challenging.

Styling the Nike dunk lows

Nike dunks are designed to be a statement, so they land on the chunkier side of sneakers. You wouldn’t want all your attention to your shoes with a heavy-looking foot, so wearing skinny-fitted outfits is a big no.

To have a more balanced look, we recommend wearing some loose-fitted baggy clothes paired with some nice baggy jeans that compliment your sneakers.

So, bring out those vintage jeans you see all over Instagram and pair them up with a nice sweatshirt that compliments the colors of your most prized possession.

 Nike Dunk OrangeIf you have got theNike Dunk Low Off-White Pine Green,you would definitely want to make a bold statement by pairing these with some dark monotone colored clothes like grey or black so that your sneakers can stand out!

But hey! what if it’s nice and bright outside and you’re not in the mood for the usual dark clothes?

Don’t be afraid to wear a dark green or orange shirt paired with some vintage jeans! You will look equally stunning while making sure your shoes are the spotlight of your outfit.    

Styling the Nike Dunk Highs

With your Nike highs, you might want to put some extra thoughts into your outfit. High tops are always a safe option to wear for some coffee or even a casual date night. Pair your high dunks with some cuffed loose denim and a plain neutral turtleneck, and you are all set! 

Nike x Off White Green Dunk

With high dunks, shorts might not be the best option since they fit closer to your foot but if it’s hot outside and you want your shoes to be the center of attention, then go for some baggy shorts with a voluminous shirt.

You will be rocking in your 90s skater aesthetic look. Just be sure to wear some neutral colors that make those sneakers pop!

Nike SB Dunk

Dunks have been around for many years, so to say that they are the latest addition would be an understatement. In 2002, Nike launched a new line of their massively successful dunks, and they have been a trendsetter since then.

Supreme x Nike Dunk

One of the ways you can tell the difference between Nike Dunks and Nike SB Dunks is by their tongues. The Nike SB Dunks is beefed up with cushioning, so it is thicker.

Another way to tell is that the classic dunks still use the traditional flat laces, which do not prove worthy for professional skaters as they often cannot handle stunts. The Nike SB Dumps come with improved rounder and puffier laces that last longer and survive vigorous skater stunts.

Don’t you want to get a pair for yourself? Go get theNike SB Dunks Low Ben and Jerry’s chunky dunkynow!

Styling the Nike SB Dunks

With the differences in mind, styling Nike SB Dunks is not so different from traditional dunks. The puffier tongues mean the same baggy jeans paired up with an oversized hoodie or turtle neck will look great!

A Nike tracksuit top with some loose, black shorts would look great for a grey or black undertone. Moreover, shorts with a slightly light-colored shirt or turtleneck that matches your Nike SB Dunks will also give you a cool casual look.

It is fair to say that all dunks can be exquisitely styled with chinos. They tick all the boxes when it comes to pairing up with dunks; they are baggy and hold the title of smart casual streetwear, a theme dunks work great with!

With chinos, the best color that can fit most dunks is beige or navy blue. This is topped off with an untucked polo or oxford striped shirt, and your dunks make for a great brunch or any low-key weekend look. 


Nike dunks are here to stay. After all, only a handful of fashion trends remain relevant for decades, so it is essential that you pair your timeless Dunks with an outfit that compliments them.

Fashion has changed a lot over the past few years. However, now it seems that we are going back to the lose, baggy vintage looks with top Instagram models and fashion shows displaying monotone colors with loose denim- a look that greatly suits your dunks!   

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May the fashion be in your favor.