Gucci Belt for Women – A Complete Review and Buying Guide

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Gucci Belt for Women – A Complete Review and Buying Guide

You must have heard of Gucci – it's the top Italian luxury shopping brand, and as a powerful trendsetter, its reach extends worldwide.

Gucci Sneakers and Bag

This brand also uniquely caters to all its customers, regardless of gender or style, and invokes great prestige in Gucci customers.

And one of these incredible products is the Gucci Belt for women. Whether you're old or young, this product is sure to wrap you up in style and make sure you learn to pull off the belt with a lot of flairs.

But then comes the 'decision'.

Which color are you going to choose? What belt size? Does the width suit you, or is it hanging off your hips? Are these belts even worth the money you pay for them? Moreover, where can you buy such a product?

These aren't easy questions, not by far. But fortunately, we've got a complete guide for you right here!

Now, if you're ready to jump into the world of Gucci belts, here's an article for you to enjoy (and learn from)!

Belt Sizing

First, consider how Gucci belts are sized; they're measured by centimeters from the end of the buckle to the center hole. And of course, after you've learned that, you must confirm how you intend to wear them the most.

Will you wear the belt with dresses, cinched up around your waist? Or do you want to wear it with high-waisted jeans that hug your midriff? Then again, low-waisted pants are also a great option!

Or are you choosing to go all the way and wear everything?

If you choose to go with the last option, you probably want to pick the largest size possible for you and then add a few holes later if needed.

Still, choosing a size is pretty difficult, so the easy way for you to decide is to go check out the official Gucci sizing guide on their website. Or you can check out the picture we've attached and find your size accordingly.

Woman with Gucci Bag

Belt Width

Gucci belts come in three widths:

  • 0.75"

  • 1"

  • 1.5"

The 1" belts are generally considered in the men's belts, but they're also considered part of the women's category.

The widest belt, that is, 1.5", looks best with denim because it's just wide enough for the belt loops on your pants or shorts.

On the other hand, the 0.75" belt is more delicate and looks more elegant in dresses and office attire, giving a formal look that suits you on formal and semi-formal occasions.

In the end, the choice of widths is considered a style choice, depending on what you think will look good on you with your outfits of choice.

Belt Color:

As with the width and sizing, the choice of color mostly depends on you and your outfit options. However, here's a list of the most in-demand belt colors:

  • Brown

  • Black

  • White

  • Tan

If you want something pure that goes with most colors, white is the perfect option. Then again, black doesn't disappoint either. And if you want to go slightly more exotic, there's always tan or brown.

Are Gucci Belts for women worth the price?

It's true that Gucci belts, like all Gucci products, are pretty expensive. They are, after all, exclusive products. Still, an oft-asked question revolves around whether or not buying the Gucci Belts is worth it in the long run.

You can find the answer through this:

Do you plan to wear the Gucci belt constantly?

Will it style your outfit options more often than not? Will it become your 'look'?

The truth is the expense will be worth it if you choose to wear the belt with your outfits. It will be worth it if it becomes a closet staple.

So, look into your plans and find out if you intend to make the Gucci belt your signature look, and if you do, then the answer is easy: buy the belts!

Where can you buy Gucci belts?

Of course, if you're choosing to shop online, you can buy directly from the official Gucci site, which has a wide selection of all kinds of authentic Gucci merchandise, especially belts.

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The Takeaway

Gucci is a popular, expensive brand with incredible products that have their place to shine worldwide. One of their products, the Gucci belt, is a staple for Gucci's women and a trendy style that everyone loves.

If you're ready to spend a bit of money to get your perfect Gucci belt, here's a complete guide with sizing, width, color, and the worthiness of the product. So, knock yourself out!